On Sale! Fluke 620 LAN Cable Meter –

On Sale! Fluke 620 LAN Cable Meter –

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Fluke Networks 620 Cable Verifiers/Scanners

Fluke Networks 620 LAN Cable Meter

Tests all LAN cable types: UTP, STP, FTP, Coax

Detects a multitude of wiring problems: open, short, crossed, reversed, split pair

Fluke Networks 620

Includes Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

Fluke Networks Fluke 620 Fluke-620 LAN Cable Meter Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

The Fluke 620 LAN CableMeter (hereafter the test tool) is a battery operated, handheld instrument that identifies cable failures, measures length, and checks the wiring of cables used for DeviceNet, ControlNet, and Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) systems. The test tool is designed around a “Test as You Go” philosophy. This reduces the time necessary to install and service LAN cables by allowing ONE PERSON to detect most cable failures from only one end of the cable. The test tool tests for incorrect pairing (split pairs), mis-wires, shorted and open wires on all twisted pair cables, as well as shorts on coaxial cables.


Features at a glance:
– Only requires single-person verification
– Tests all LAN cable types: UTP, STP, FTP, Coax
– Detects a multitude of wiring problems: open, short, crossed, reversed, split pair
– Locates wiring/connection errors (distance to the open or short)
– Measures cable length

Cable Length: Range: 1 to 999 ft or .5 to 300m
Resolution: 1 ft or .5m
Accuracy: 5% ± 3 ft or 5% ± 1m
Display: Feet or meters
Power: Two AA size 1.5 volt alkaline batteries
Battery Life: 50 hours of continuous operation, not including backlight consumption. Automatic Power Management Feature: Provides several months of operation with one set of batteries under normal use.
Input Protection: The inputs withstand telephone ringing and loop voltages. The instrument warns the user with an “Active Cable” message and an audible warning tone.
Size: 18.4 x 9.8 x 4.6 cm (7.25 x 3.87 x 1.8 in)
Weight: 354 g (12.5 oz)
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange

Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange

– Fluke 620 LAN CableMeter (BC# 16539)
– Fluke 620 Cable Identifier #1
– RJ45 To RJ45 Female Coupler P/N: 4593966
– BNC To Coax Cable Connector
– Ethernet Cable
– Hard Copy User Manual

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Fluke 620 Spec Sheet


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